How to Better Understand the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Frequently, when dealing with defendants in federal criminal cases, the subject of federal prison and the Federal Bureau of Prisons arises.  Defendant’s have many concerns about entering the prison system. Questions like “can I be designated to a prison near my family” or “can I get drug treatment in prison” often come up.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) takes a federal prisoner into custody after a defendant is sentenced. The BOP evaluates each prisoner using criteria such as: seriousness of charge, education, history of violence, criminal history score, history of escape, age, and drug/alcohol abuse history. Further, a lawyer may help to encourage a judge to designate a defendant to certain prison facility.

Starting in January of 2012, Judge Keith Ball will start a Re-Entry Court in Federal Court in the Jackson Division.  This court would allow those prisoners who are on supervised release after being released from prison to receive support, treatment, and a possible reduction in the length of supervised release.

To help you better understand issues with the BOP and possible acceptance into Re-Entry Court, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can explain many of the issues that arise after sentencing in Federal Court.  Contact us to represent your interest and help guide you through the process of federal sentencing, as well as your issues with the Bureau of Prisons.

Bill Barrett

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