Federal Child Exploitation & Cyber Crimes

Have you been accused of committing a federal cyber crime? Have you been charged with computer intrusion, identity theft, or Internet child exploitation?

Over the years, cyber crimes have come increasingly under the investigation of federal authorities. Federal Task Forces conduct investigations which often violate your civil rights. Accordingly, the right to privacy has become a real issue. Normally, authorities cannot just demand that you turn over computer files without a warrant or exigent circumstances. Yet many innocent people have been caught in the gray area between private files and public information.

The federal government has subpoenaed Internet search engines or ISPs for information about people’s online activities, sometimes requiring ISPs to hold onto information from two years in the past. Not only could they review all of your activity online, but you could also be charged with a cyber crime as a result, even if you were innocent. That is because the ISP’s information might show that your computer was used for a crime, but not who was using it at the time.

We have a great deal of experience with federal child exploitation and cyber crimes. Peter Barrett prosecuted the first federal child pornography case in Federal Court in the Southern District of Mississippi. In 2011 Peter and William Barrett secured a Not Guilty Verdict in a federal child pornography case in the Southern District of Mississippi. Our experience with computer crimes is a valuable resource for defending your rights against these very serious charges.

Our aggressive approach to defending federal child exploitation and cyber crimes includes us fighting the admissibility and sufficiency of the government’s evidence, the government expert’s search of your computer systems, and illegal searches and seizures. Whether at the investigative stage, during pre-trial negotiations with the U.S. Attorney’s Office or at trial, our attorneys seize every opportunity to find all weaknesses in the government’s case.

Peter H. Barrett and William C. Barrett have significant experience with federal child exploitation and cyber crimes. If you’re under investigation or have been charged, contact P. & W. Barrett Lawyers, PLLC right now for a consultation about your case. Put our experience with federal child exploitation and cyber crimes to work for you now.

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