Mississippi Criminal Law Attorneys

P. & W. Barrett Lawyers, PLLC will provide you with experienced, aggressive, and effective defense for all criminal charges, both in Federal and State Court. The lawyer you choose is important, and our firm is dedicated to protecting your rights in any type of legal matter, no matter how big the felony or small the misdemeanor. We are relentless in our approach to defending you!

Gulf Coast Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our Gulf Coast Office is located in downtown Gulfport, Mississippi, within a few blocks of both the Federal Courthouse and State Courthouse. We do significant work in Federal Court in downtown Gulfport, with cases such as Federal Drug Crimes, Federal Firearms Crimes, Federal Child Exploitation & Cyber Crimes, Federal Homicide Cases, Federal Public Corruption Cases, and Petty Offenses. We defend cases as small as Federal/State/Municipal Misdemeanor cases, or as big as Federal or State Homicide cases. Put our experience and our relentless attitude to work for you!

Capital Area Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our Capital Office is located in the heart of downtown Jackson, Mississippi, within walking distance of the Federal Courthouse and State Courthouse. Our lawyers defend cases in Hinds County, Rankin County, and Madison County, as well as all Federal Criminal Cases in the Federal Courthouse in downtown Jackson, MS. Our experienced attorneys defend Federal Drug Crimes, Federal Firearm Crimes, Federal Cyber Crimes, Federal Homicide Cases, Federal Public Corruption Cases, and Petty Offenses. We will defend you in Municipal Court and Justice Court on traffic violations and DUI charges, as well as defend any State Felony or Misdemeanor Charges.

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To speak to our Gulfport, MS or Jackson, MS criminal defense lawyers about any type of federal or state criminal charge, please contact P. & W. Barrett Lawyers, PLLC. Contact us in Gulfport at (228) 864-9885. Contact us in Jackson at (601) 973-2270. You can also contact us by email at info@pandwbarrettlawyers.com.

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We represent clients in Mississippi, Louisiana, South Mississippi, North Mississippi, Metro Jackson, Ridgeland, Madison, Oxford, Brandon, Clinton, Pearl, Gulfport, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis, Jackson, Mendenhall, Madison County, Rankin County, Simpson County, Hinds County, Harrison County, Stone County, Pearl River County, Hancock County, Copiah County, Hazlehurst, Jackson County, Scott County, Philadelphia, Forest County, Hattiesburg, and many more!